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This before and after comes from Julie. She bought my cute side tables a while back, and she was kind enough to share her awesome mantel make over.

I love a fireplace.  We bought our house almost 4 years ago and loved the big masonry fireplace.  What our poor fireplace was missing though was a good mantel.  This did not deter me from buying the home.  I simply thought “oh we’ll get one soon to put up there…no big deal”.  Well guess what…it was a big deal.  Everyone I saw in Home Depot or Lowes was just boring and didn’t seem to fit.  I once bought a shelf to try but it wasn’t substantial enough.  Then I decided to ask some contractors about it…their quotes were about $600.  Um…no thanks…I don’t want to pay $600 for a mantel.  But  I really wanted one

Then my good friend Robin asked what she could make me for my birthday. On top of my list was a mantel for Christmas.  I have wanted to hang my stockings and have a beautifully decorated mantel every year.  So she and I scoured the web and came up with a design plan.  We headed out to Lowe’s and picked our wood and trim.

 It’s done! And here it is all decorated for Christmas.  I’m so happy!  I sit and stare at it and I am so grateful that my friend loves me enough to build something so special for me for my birthday.

I love it!  It looks like it has been there all along.  I love a great success story don't you?
Go on over to Julie's blog to check out the rest of the story

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  1. So pretty! The two of you did an amazing job making it. It looks so great all decorated for christmas.


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