The ol' switcharoo

It's like buying a gift for someone else, and ending up keeping it for yourself.  That's how I see it.  They never know.

There are just some pieces that are destined to stay in my home.

 Take this dresser for example, a non descript, free dresser that I dressed up and tried to sell at the Barn sale.
But alas, she came home with me.  And I wasn't too upset about it.

I saw it as my bedside table immediately.

My old side table

My "new" one.
furniture 129 

Check out what I was using when we first moved in.

kittyhouse (8) copy 

Nothing at all wrong with having a dinky side table, if you like that sort of thing.  I just need  plenty of room for all my bedside needs.

For those of you who paint and sell furniture, you are nodding your head and know exactly what if feels like.

Tell me your story.


Today I'm going through all the furniture I didn't sell over the weekend.  The sale was not as busy as we'd hoped.  The furniture was not moving an inch.

We had a feeling that all the gifty type stuff would do well and the furniture would do best at the Spring sale.
And we were right, unfortunatly.

The weather was beautiful, about 60 and breezy.  We huddled together by the fire pit and drank hot cider.  The crowd was intermittent,  and I sold several of my things the last 30 minutes of the sale.

So here is one of the dressers I had that didn't sell.  So on to Craigslist she goes.  It is the sister dresser of this one.

Looking forward to spending time with family this week, some of whom I have not seen in two years.
Have a happy Monday friends!

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Elizabeth and Co.

Small antique dresser

The weather has been sunny and perfect the last few days.  The leaves on the trees are still in the transformation process and I'm loving every minute of it.  I often thank my mom for delivering me in  November.

This weekend was the celebration of my birth.  I ate dinner with some amazing ladies, and consumed many a desert.  My man also took me to a movie.

 And now I can't say "but it's my biiirrrrrthday" anymore.

Apparently there's a limit to how many times I can use it.

I have a cute little dresser to share with you today.  It came from an antique store down the way, and it had been sitting under a leaky ceiling.  The top was damaged beyond repair, therefor  I had to peel off the veneer and sand like a mad woman.

This one's headed to the barn sale this weekend.

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The Little Red Barn Sale

It's time for our bi-annual Little Red Barn Fall sale.  I'm loving the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready.  We are less than two weeks away and I'm looking forward to sharing what I've made with the public.

Here are a few items I have ready to show you.

I made some canvas pillows.  
And the chair goes with a table set.

Also I've made some ruffled tree skirts

 There are also several pieces of furniture half finished that I plan to share with you as well. 
 Next week perhaps?

 If you live in the Atlanta area please come out November 17th and say hello!
For more info click on the red barn in my left side bar.