Barn Wood Shelf

We are half way finished with a small project we've been working on by the back door. 

 I'd been dreaming of a quaint little mudroom area near the back of my kitchen for years now.  A place for my family to organize their shoes, bags, coats and other catch all items.

Simply typing "barn wood shelf"  into Craigslist, directed me to a nice guy who had some old barn wood and made these shelves in his spare time.  He used my inspiration picture from Pinterest.  And I got the hooks from Hobby Lobby. 

It's exactly what this space needed.  Previously there was just a small basket to hold everything.  Which was always spilling out onto the floor and becoming a tripping hazard.

Still working on the bench below.  It needs a top and I will make a cushion for it.
The "bench" was a roadside find :)  

A before shot of the same space 6 years ago.

 Between being almost 7 months pregnant and taking care of my wee ones, projects are just so hard to complete.  I will be sharing the full project once the bench is completed.