B&A Friday

This week I'm featuring a reader's DIY before and after project of her built in dining room cabinet.  As well as a little project of my own with some thrift store wooden trays.
Here is Amanda's project

Pretty crazy the difference right?
I can't tell if it's real wood or not, but whatever it is she did a great job covering it up with some white paint.
She's also working on her kitchen cabinets, looking forward to seeing those pictures!

And now onto my sweet little project from the other day.
I saw these awesomely painted trays underneath some rubble at my local thrift store.  I'll admit I didn't initially see their potential, but I looked deep inside and saw they could be more than what some little girl thought was good Christmas decoration.  Sorry Becky Gordon 2005, but your cute little tray is no more.

Needless to say , this is the before

 I'm really into burlap and Mod Podge these days, can you tell?
I allowed some of the original white snowflakes that Becky so artfully dotted around the edges, to peak through.  Just for sentiments sake.


  1. I'm inspired to go find a thrift store tray now.

  2. Nice trays. I am still laughing about the betty Gordon comment, too funny! Hope she's not a blogger!

  3. Wow! What a difference a little paint can do.

    I really like the look of your trays with the burlap. So pretty.

  4. Amanda really did a nice job updating her dining room cabinets. It's so much more modern in the white and adding her new drawer/door pulls. Your burlap trays would make a nice Chirstmas gift! Great job! Have a good weekend.

  5. I have a tray that I want to try that on...OH...so many projects...so little time. Thanks for posting!

  6. I love before and after pictures! They trays are fabulious too. On my blog i have a fun thrift store bread box post - you would like it :-) (LOVE thrift stores!) thanks for the comment you left - It makes me feel like someone is reading!


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