FAQ~ Hardware

Over the past couple years I have received many questions about what, where and how I get the hardware I use on my pieces. 

More often than not, I re-use the original hardware.  I buy a lot of antiques so the existing hardware is usually very unique and perfectly fit for the piece.  I get most of my pulls from Hobby Lobby.  They have a very large variety and great prices.  If you don't have one near you, they sell them online.
I've also been known to get some from Lowe's.

 If the piece has missing or just plain ugly pulls I opt for now ones.  Or I do a mix of old and new.

The top are new and the bottom drawers are original

Mix.  I love to keep them if the piece comes with circular pulls.

New, these bin pulls go with just about anything.

Bin pulls


Bin label pulls from Harware Hut

On the pieces below I used the original pulls

A couple of tips for choosing new hardware for a piece, is to take one of your already painted drawers with you to the store.  
That way you can try on each piece until you find the right fit.

Also, keep with the style of the dresser.  Modern pulls on an antique piece might look unnatural.

I hope this helps!

FAQ "Granite" Counter tops

 This week I'm going to address some FAQ's. 

Question for today~

How are my "granite" counter tops holding up?

About a year ago I received a kit from Gianni granite paint to use and talk about on my blog.  I was very happy about the opportunity to try it out because my faux butcher block counter tops were not going to work in my new kitchen. So I painted them. 
 For the full story on that click here.


 So as for how they are holding up, well see for your self.

The paint is chipping in several areas.  The area next to my stove where I do most of my cooking, is the
worst.  The edges also seem to get damaged easily.

Occasionally liquids are spilled and not cleaned up immediately, which causes the paint to soften and peel.

Since we can't afford new counter tops right now, these will have to do.  I've considered re-painting them, but to be honest I probably won't.
It was time consuming and if they are just going to scratch again in a year, it's not worth it.

In closing, if you have counter tops that you just can't live with or can't afford the real thing, then this paint is a good option.
Just be extra careful and for goodness sake, wipe up your spills :)

If you have a question you'd like to see answered here on the blog, please don't hesitate to ask!

Ten on Ten

I don't usually post on Sundays.  I think this may be the first time.

But I wanted to participate in Rebeka's Ten on Ten over at A bit of sunshine.  It's a photography link party where you take ten pictures every hour throughout the day. 

 Starting the morning off right.

Watching the squirrels.

 An absolute necessity this weekend.

Dwindling paint supply.


 Big girls love hotdogs.

Even bigger girls love new lipstick.

Keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Patiently waiting for it's new owner to arrive.

Special weekend treat. 

 Please head over to A bit of sunshine to check out more great pictures.

Ol' Blue

Yesterday day was amazingly beautiful.  Bright sunny skies and 65 degree weather.  Just the day I have been waiting for to complete my newest acquisition.

I don't use blue very often when I paint furniture.  It's not usually a color I gravitate towards.

However, this blue is standing out as one of my favorite colors I've used on a piece.

I apologize in advanced that I won't be able to tell you the color, I bought it at Lowes in the oops paint section and it has no label on it.

Serious wear on the veneer.  The top was sanded down and re stained.

My favorite part is this sweet little detailed trim on the drawers.

Visit thecsiproject.com

Getting to it

Lately, I've been a little more into decorating my home than painting furniture.

Both my girls were gone for a couple days and I was able to get so many things crossed off my to-do list.

You know, the list you add to mentally, "I'll get to that when the girls are gone."

Well that list added up pretty quickly over the past several weeks.  Thankfully my in laws came to the rescue.

I'm also looking forward to beginning the transformation of my half bath.  I've never been completely satisfied with it.  So now it's time for a change.

Here is my inspiration, from the amazingly, beautiful home of Joan at For the Love of a House

My floors are not wood, but the color of the tile is similar.
The color is Horizon by Benjamin Moore and the trim is White Dove.

I purchased a sampler of Horizon and  painted a piece of wood the color of the trim. Just so I could see what it might look like.

I will be pulling out that old white tile trim and replacing it with bead board.Also painting the vanity and hopefully buy a new faucet with all the money I will be saving to DIY it.

Thank you all for sticking around while my blog continues it's sporadic ways.