It's a wonderful life

The past few days have been a little confusing for me.  When humans turn on each other and kill one another, for no apparent reason, I'm very confused and worried for our society. 

So I've been trying to find the beauty in the world around me.  Because I still firmly believe there is more good than evil in the world. 

However when tragedy strikes, it sure make blogging and painting furniture seem trivial. 

Anyway, here are a few photos that made me feel better about life, and I hope they can brighten your day as well.

Beautiful blooming flowers in December.

The cute little wreath that hangs on my back door, and makes me feel like I live in a cottage.

 My beautiful angels sent from Heaven.

One of the most amazing days of my whole life.
 I believe that one of the main reasons we are here on this earth is to connect with one another.  And I feel truly blessed to be connected to you through this amazing internet.
I hope you all have a joyful holiday.

Much love,

Sweater Stocking with Ruffles

I don't know what you did last night, but I was crying my eyes out at Parenthood.  In my opinion, one of the best shows on television right now.  I always get too involved with the show and so sad when it's over.

I only have a 2 shows I have to watch every week.  Parenthood is one and the other shall remain nameless.

Ok, it's Revenge.

Here's a stocking I made today!

Okay, if I'm being completely honest, there are more like 5 shows I have to watch every week.

This was so very easy to make.

Step one: Lay a cut out template of the size you want your stocking onto an old sweater.  And cut around template.

Once you've cut out your sweater you should have 2 pieces exactly the same size.
Next: face the right sides together and pin around the perimeter of the stocking.
  Make sure the right sides are facing each other and sew around the stocking.  Leaving the top open.

Turn it right side out
 Using a glue gun I took two strips of red and white fabric and gathered ruffles around the the bottom of the top portion of the stocking.  I did the red first onto the sweater and the white on top of the red.

Once your finished gluing, flip the top down.  Glue on a little piece of ribbon to make a loop for hanging, and your done!

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Christmas Joy

As I sit here listening to the rain drizzle outside my window and smelling that sweet pine that has permeated our home, I couldn't be happier.

House 025

Over the weekend, we picked up a tree and decorated it with love.  Even though the right side has one too many ornaments on it where my three year old decided to station herself, it's perfect in our eyes.

House 027-001

I truly love the spirit of Christmas.  I love what it stands for and enjoy every minute choosing gifts for my family.  Usually we make our gifts every year.  I have a very crafty family.

House 026

But this year they will be purchased.  I spent a lot of time on Etsy this year. 

House 028

I hope you all are not getting too stressed about your Christmas shopping. Give a gift because you want to, not because you feel you have to. That's my motto :)

Now Showing!

Meet Louis.  Louis XV, he's French.

I moved out my other desk, which didn't quite fit the bill.  We were struggling to fit our legs under it and it  was too wobbly.  The color is the same as the desk before, Woodlawn Valley Haze by Valspar.

 I took my sweet time styling my new love for it's first photo shoot.

Hello lovah.

furniture 146

During my research on Louis XV desks, I found that they can range anywhere from $800-3,000! In original, near perfect condition of course. Unfortunately mine needed a little help. And I wouldn't even think of selling it now.

furniture 150
The amazing little details are what really gets my blood pumping. The delicate, metal accessories that adorn the corners and feet are fixed on individually with several tiny screws to hold them in to place. 

furniture 149
furniture 134 furniture 141

Even the pulls on the drawers are placed with little screws. I had never seen that before. 

furniture 148  

furniture 140

Coming soon...

Sometimes I walk in to a thrift store, not intending to find anything spectacular.  But secretly hoping I will find the piece that will make my year.  This was one of those times.

I'd never even heard of this style desk before.  But as I was on my way out of the Goodwill with a little coffee table, I ran smack dab into a really cool desk that was just coming out from the back to be put on display.

I stopped this poor guy in his tracks and told him to "Stop, I want to take a look at this desk!" So he stood there patiently as I did so. 

As I rounded the back, I couldn't believe my good fortune.  It was in great shape and might be the perfect piece to replace the computer desk we are currently using,  which isn't working out the way I hoped.

I bought it and never looked back, in case they figured out what this thing was really worth.

Here's a little hint at what's to come later this week.

 French louis  desk in black, pineapple lamp, sisal rug, french legged chairs, bookcase, trim and paintcolor...many design periods juxtaposed together so well.

Art Wall 

Man I want this!  Louis XV style desk. Recently painted in a turquoise distressed finish with gilt detail. Top opens to reveal compartment with a mirror. 4 drawers 
Stay tuned, I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.