Am I the only one who actually looks forward to taking down the Christmas mess, I mean decoration.  After Christmas day, all of my lovely decor that has been up since the beginning of December is now starting to wear on my nerves.  Including the fact that all of my girls toys are scattered all over the living room, and the pretty wreath that I made is now dry and brittle and shedding all over my mantel.  It all has me a little excited today to get it all back to normal.
Anywhooie, I’ve been obsessing just a little bit about our kitchen.  Not much has happened since we moved in 4 years ago, we haven’t really had the funds.  But I’ve been doing a lot of research and realized you don’t have to be Donald Trump to have your dream kitchen.
Here are some colors that have been bouncing around
Recently Updated-001
Battenburg, Storm Cloud Gray,and Wythe Blue
I fell in love with this color pallet when I saw them on this house.
The gray I want for my walls is darker though.
I can’t wait for a weekend with out any interruptions so I can at least start priming my cabinets.  I will just have to continue to be patient because I know this is a long project I am about to embark on.
Have a wonderful New Year!! 
What are your plans?

Merry Christmas to me

It took 4 years 3 months and several days for us to finally update our corroded, old faucet.  For some reason it just took a back seat to all the other stuff we were replacing.  Yet I always longed for a new one. With some gift money from the folks I went ahead and splurged on a new faucet.

I'm so excited because this signifies the beginning of our kitchen update.  We tend to take baby steps when doing any project around the house.  Take our basement for example.  We started it about a year ago, and have yet to finish.  But the kitchen will be done faster, because I care a little bit more about it.
Getting this faucet off included two trips to Lowes, and a visit to my neighbor to borrow some tools.  The bolt holding the old faucet was so corroded that it just crumbled into bits when the hubs tried to unscrew it.

Yuck and double YUCK!

 Next comes the counter tops, I'm looking forward to showing you what I will do.  Until then you will just have to guess...I will also be doing the cabinets and the walls.  Hopefully be starting in the new year!

Have a safe and happy New Year!

New Favorite


This cute little dresser came to me unfinished and sad.  Thankfully I didn’t have to sand very much because the wood was pretty raw already.
 furniture 404
furniture 406
I used a color called Redstone Blue Spruce
furniture 405
I strayed from my usual dark walnut top, to a lighter shade.  Which I think is beautiful!  There are all sorts of pretty faults in the 408
furniture 409
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Clean Brushes with Hot Vinegar

I pinned this a while ago from This Old House, but had yet to try it out until last week.  I wasn’t going to post about it until I was sure it worked. Because let’s face it, hot vinegar? 
Who would of thunk it. 
So I took a pot full of vinegar and brought it to an almost boil on the stove.  You could probably use a microwave as well.  Then I poured it into a canister I had and let the brushes soak for about 15 minutes.   furniture 403
This is a brush that had been sitting outside for a while caked in paint. 
And here is is after about 15 minutes.  Probably should let it soak for at least 30 minutes.
furniture 402
I also tried it with a brush I used for stain and it didn’t work as well, nor did it work for the wood finish.
But this is a very cheap and environment friendly way to clean paint off your brushes!

Bin Pull Dresser


It’s a cold, blustery day here in Atlanta, and I was unable to move this monster into my house.  So I had to stage it outdoors.  This was fun.
With Christmas coming it’s getting harder to finish projects, but I’m finally done with this one and think it turned out great.  Considering it went from   hot, chunky, 80’s mess~to soft, delicate, welcome to this century….furniture 395
The top was badly scratched so I had to sand it down and re-stain it.
I really like the separation of the dark wood going through the middle.  This piece would be perfect for any bedroom.  Or even serve as a buffet for a dining room.
furniture 396furniture 398furniture 399furniture 400

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