It's amazing how ready one can get for the first baby.  Then when the second one comes along your scrambling to get the room in order when you arrive home from the hospital.  Thankfully though I've got the bed all set.  Still working on some pictures for the walls, but hey, I've still got 3 weeks right?
My wonderful cousin, who has been ever so helpful in giving hand me downs from her girls, gave me her old crib set.  It wasn't really going with the wall color, so I re-covered it in new fabric.
Sorry, no before shot....
 I used the pattern from the old covering and cut out each piece.  This was a very easy project, if you can sew a straight line you can do this too.  Check out my tutorial from the other crib bumper I made. 
Full room reveal still to come!

New Piece For Sale


Maybe it's the whole "Nesting" thing, but I've been on a role with furniture lately.  I don't know how I find the energy, but I'm thankful it's there!
We also could really use the money, so maybe that's where my motivation is coming from.
I got this lovely antique dresser on Craigslist.  I paid a little more than I usually do, but it had so much potential.
I used a can of paint my sister so generously donated to me, it's a cool green/gray.

Here is the before (Craigslist photo)

I just want to whistle at these legs, they are so lovely.

 Please send me an email if you are interested in this dresser

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Ms. Blue

I'm very excited to be sharing this piece with you today.  As most of you know I'm about 8 months preggo, so I have not been doing much work on furniture these days.  But I was literally itching to do something, so I picked up this great piece for $25.  We've been needing something in our living room for the tv/toys to be stored in.


 I used a mix of dark blue and a dark grey I had on hand.