Still here

In case you are wondering, I'm still here.

Furniture painting has come to a halt at the moment.  I have a dresser sitting and waiting, I also have a half bath currently torn apart awaiting my attention.

Me and cold air do not mix.  We cause a tornado of unfinished projects, that seem to only get worked on when the weather is nice.

I believe I have undiagnosed seasonal affect disorder. No, I'm not a doctor but I've read the symptoms and I'm pretty sure I qualify for most of the.

My mood greatly depends on the sun.  And I've seen very little of it the past several days.

When the sun is not showing it's pretty face, an all around laziness sets in.  This blog suffers.

Right now the thought of posting this is making me cringe, because I don't want to bore you with my drabness.
But I wanted you all to know I. am. still. here.

Here's a really cool picture so you don't feel it was a total waste reading this.

                                              Source unknown (believe me I tried to find one.)

Ten on Ten

Wow, I can't believe it's already been a month since my last installment of Ten on Ten.   A great link party over at A Bit of Sunshine.

All sorts of things happened this past month. My girl started going to preschool a couple days a week.   Which is so great for both of us.  And just a lot of usual business.  Keeping up with the blog has proved to be difficult for me.

The weather has also started to warm up a bit.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm partial to summer.
Winter is just something we have to endure to get back to the weather that really matters. Spring, Summer and Fall.

Cold weather, who needs it?!

On with the show~

Ready to eat!  (Hand made plates by my talented sis Christine)

Sticky bread.

 Fresh basil and rosemary, can't beat it.


First warm, beautiful day = yard work.  Raking leaves for an hour = sore back.
Bubbles are hard to photograph.  Try, you'll see.

 I love weddings!

Clean pots ready for plants.

3 week old flowers going strong.

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