DIY Wreath

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This wreath was practically free to me.  The only money I spent was about $2 for the 18” wire wreath frame.  I clipped the branches off the evergreens around my neighborhood.  And I had the burlap on hand.  I’ve been seeing these simple, beautiful wreaths all over the place and figured I could make one just as easy.
First, I gathered different sizes of branches from the trees.  If you don’t have any trees around to clip from, a lot of Christmas tree farms will give away the clippings for free.

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I used some flower tape and the wreath frame to begin placing my branchesblog 009blog 010
I went around the whole frame, tucking and taping the branches the way I wanted them.  It took me a total 15 minutes I tell ya!  Easiest project ever!
blog 017 Wrapped some burlap around the top and tied a bow.
Brought in a mirror from my dining room and all the other decor I already had.  Total cost of my Christmas mantel this year, roughly $2.
I hope this inspires you to decorate using existing items around your home, instead of spending unnecessary moolah on new stuff.

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Winner of the Shower Curtain!

According to the winner of the vintage shower curtain I made is

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Andrea said...
I'm a follower and I love the shower curtain!

Congrats girl!  I will be sending it in the mail promptly.

Vintage Sheet Shower Curtain Give Away!

Thank you all who have been there supporting me and sticking around while I’m still adjusting to balancing my new life with two babies.  Unfortunately sometimes the blog and my work suffer, but I’m still here and continue to slowly work on new pieces.
On to the give away…
When I had the idea to make a shower curtain from a bed sheet, I got two sheets that I liked to see which one would work best. 
I made this one first, a fun vintagy floral pattern.
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                             blog 183                                     blog 182
But ultimately I settled on the second one I made, because it went better with the bathroom.
So now this other one is just sitting and waiting to be used,  and I thought a reader might be interested in it.   If you would like to have this for your bathroom shower, please leave me a comment and be a follower.  (USA only please).
It’s a standard size shower curtain, not absolutely perfect, but looks fine once hung.  It has button holes at the top.
The give away will go until Monday November 21st

Antique Wardrobe

This piece came from an impromptu yard sale a few weeks back.  While driving down the road I saw the sign in the yard and did the drive by thing where you go reeeeealy slow and see if the people have any furniture.  You know you do it too.  How excited was I when I saw this piece near the end of the drive way.
furniture 392

I must add that it was near the end of the day and they were starting to pack up.  I grinded to a halt and jumped out of the car asking how much they wanted for it.

From the looks of the picture it appears as if I did a crazy thing by painting this beautiful wood. But in reality the wood was in bad shape and needed serious cleaning. 
Here’s the After furniture 390  furniture 388
furniture 389


It was extremely difficult to get a good picture of what this color look like in real life.  It’s Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore.
i Love the original hardware!
This is the truest pic I could get of the color.
furniture 387
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Bathroom Vanity Re-do

I’ve been making a lot of progress on my girls bathroom re-do.  I’ve finished painting the walls, hung the shower curtain and painted the vanity.  Next I would like to put a frame around the mirror and hang some new pictures. 

Here is the vanity before
furniture 381
furniture 382
I added some bead board wallpaper into the middle of the cabinet doors to give a more custom look.
I got it from here 
Pink knobs from Hob Lob
furniture 383
I also did the side as well.
furniture 384
I need some advice as to whether or not to spray paint the hinges.  I was thinking of a nickel color?
Full reveal of the bathroom soon to come!

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