So many, many questions as to how I did this dresser.  I'm not the best "how to" person. I have said many times that it's hard for me to tell someone how I refinished something because I work in the moment, making changes as I go. I have an idea in my mind and I work at it until I achieve the look I want.  But I will do my best to explain how I go this look. 
 Like I said in this post, when I first got this several years ago I sanded it and stained it (can't remember what stain, but it was dark).
 It stayed that way up until a few weeks ago when I got a wild hair and wanted to paint it turquoise.
I used my left over woodlawn valley haze by Valspar from this project, and brushed on 1 coat.
After it was dry, I did another coat. When the second coat was dry, I hand sanded the edges with 100 grit paper.  I wanted the piece to look as if the paint was worn off.  So I sanded most of the paint off the edges.
 Then I wiped it down, and rubbed in some dark stain with a clean cloth in all the areas I just sanded.  Let the stain sit there for a minute and then wiped it off with another clean cloth. The stain I used is Minwax wood finish, dark walnut.  I wiped and rubbed all over the piece, can't really say exactly what I did, just allowed my creativity to flow through me.
Which I highly encourage you to do. 
Finally, I allowed the piece to dry and brought her inside.
I have yet to put a topcoat on it, I think I like the unpolished look of it.
Any other ?'s feel free to ask.
I hope this helps!


  1. Thanks so much for the details.

    I love the dress and definitely want to try that Valspar shade....so pretty.

    So glad I stopped by to see this this morning.


    Stsrview Sonnet

  2. Absolutely LOVE it!!!! That's what I want to do to my Entertainment center eventually.

  3. It is stunning! Love it! Thanks for tutorial. I have some pieces to do and your lovely piece has inspired me to get going!


  4. It is perfect! No topcoat, in my opinion. Thanks for the information~ always fun to hear how other people do their 'furniture thing' :)

  5. I like your technique - really adds character and dimension to this piece of furniture. Same with the yellow dresser. Great job! I'm a big fan!! :)


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