Don't you just hate when you see a piece you love, but it's out of your price range? 
Yes? Me too! I went thrift hopping yesterday and visited a few stores for the first time.  Has anyone else noticed that Goodwill is more expensive than other second hand stores?
Check out these lovelies I found, but had to walk out before I emptied my bank account.
 This was only $70, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.  I may go back though...
 Oh what I would do with you!  Or not, she's gorgeous as is.
 This green velvet chair was b-e-a-utiful
 So lovely
 I guess I should have known better, it was one of those "antique mall" type stores. They generally are more pricey than my standard hole in the wall thrift store. But I always come out with inspiration and new ideas.
So I will continue to torture myself by going to these places, who knows maybe one day I will find a great piece I can afford.


  1. Ha! Hubby & I ventured into an antique store yesterday... we should've known better! Everything was piled to the ceiling & beyond expensive! I bet if they lowered their prices a bit, they'd sell more items & create more space! But my oh my, those pieces were BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Some great pieces. Our Goodwill has all of a sudden increased their prices. I've been having luck at the yard sales.

  3. That cabinet was $70?? GO BUY IT!! OR, tell me where it is LOL! My Goodwill sucks.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I will go weeks without buying pieces at thrift stores because I refuse to pay the often ridiculous prices!


    P.S. My Goodwill has actually just reduced their furniture prices! For the longest time they were so unreasonable that I didn't bother - then I found an antique chest of drawers for $7.99!

  5. Yes, Goodwill is kinda pricey! Whenever I buy something there, I take a donation and they give me a 20% off coupon - it's good for your whole purchase! The other day I bought a cute coffee table I'd seen before~ but on this day it was half price + my coupon! What a bargain!:)

  6. I agree - Goodwill is kinda pricey! My Goodwill gives a 20% off on your whole purchase coupon if you drop off a donation. A couple weeks ago I bought a coffee table I'd seen before but thought it was overpriced. But on this particular day, it was 50% off + my 20% off coupon! I couldn't pass it up, even tho my husband told me when I left home not to come home with any more furniture!


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