Yard work

Another weekend passed and I have yet to get started on a new piece.  The yard work took precedence this weekend.  We have been wanting to fix up a small section in our yard that gets little sunlight, and I can't seem to grow anything but shade tolerant plants.  We have done very little to beautify this space, so we took advantage of the time we had while our baby girl was with her grandparents.  We also recently scored some free stones from my folks, they had a ton left over from their backyard project.

                                                         This is how it originally looked
In progress

We filled the gaps with small river stones
Not finished yet!
So far we really like the look of it.  I'm going to plant ferns along the side, as well as getting rid of some of that mondo grass around the area.
~Final pic coming soon~

I assure you there will be some furniture coming soon.  I received my parents old coffee table and I'm thinking of doing something like this.


  1. As much as I love furniture, landscaping projects are such fun too!

  2. It's funny...I didn't paint this weekend either. I did much needed gardening! I'm trying to switch out all of the summer flowers to fall/winter now. It looks like you got quite a bit done. That's a big project. I love that beachy coffee table.

  3. I love the river stones! It looks so much better!


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