Sweet baby shower

 My friends and I threw a baby shower last weekend for K.  She is having a boy, and didn't want the traditional shower with games and all that normal "baby shower" stuff.  So we kept it simple and inexpensive by using what we had and making all our own food.  I wanted to share with you how to have a great baby shower on a budget.
First of all, have it at someones house.  I've been to showers at restaurants, and as lovely as it may be, must cost a fortune.  We had this one in my back patio/carport area.   We decorated it with love, and with all my beautiful plants that are still in bloom.
 Before~ Not much to look at, but it has potential.
 Here is what we did with it
 I borrowed tables, and we brought all the chairs we had between the 4 of us.
Added flower center pieces, and thrift store white table cloths.  
Another tip is to have some help planning the party.
  The four of us planned and split the cost of everything.
The food spread. 
Homemade chicken salad, pasta salad, tomato basil salad, dirty rice, bread and cookies.
I think it's important to keep things simple, and elegant. 
 Pumpkins make a perfect center piece.
The weather was perfect, which made for a nice relaxing atmosphere.
Any ideas on how to have a low-cost party? Do tell!

*All photos (except top one) by Jessica Mahady
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  1. Your patio looks very inviting. You did a great job dressing it up. I prefer the parties and showers that are done at someone's home rather than at a public place. It makes it more personal I think. Have a great week!

  2. You did an amazing job on the shower, from the tables to the food to the ambience...I'm sure the guest of honor was thrilled!

  3. It looks elegant, colorful and the food looks yummy! You transformed your carport into a little outdoor cafe. Lovely! I also prefer showers done in a home. I'll be giving a wedding shower for my niece in February here at my house. I am sure your friend felt very loved!

  4. It looks beautiful...what a lucky girl to have such thoughtful friends!

  5. nice reception, it looks big and more fresh air there.
    Mickey Buarao


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