Thank you Give Away

 I wanted to thank you all for being such a constant support in this new endeavor I have taken on.  I had never thought of blogging in my life, or refinishing furniture for that matter.  
But today I reached 200 followers and I couldn't be happier.  I have loved getting to know some of you, albeit through e-mail, but nevertheless I feel like I know a part of who some of you are.  I read all of your comments and try my best to reply.  But I wanted you to know why I sometimes don't.

Chris said it best over at Just a Girl ~

"Can I make a suggestion/plea/beg for mercy/down-on-my-knees proposition?
In an effort to save time, I check all my comments via my e-mail. Unfortunately, many comments leave me with that “no reply blogger blah, blah, blah” stuff.  UGH!  I can’t get back with you that way!  Here’s what you can do!

1.  Go to your blog and click on “customize”
2.  Click on “dashboard” in the upper right hand corner.
3.  Next to your profile picture, click on “Edit profile”
4.  Under privacy, click “show my e-mail”  Under identity, make sure the public e-mail address you use is there.
5.  Save
Now I can reply to your comments much easier and much more efficiently!  Thanks!"

In other news, I thought I'd thank you by doing my first ever GIVE AWAY!
I'm not sure yet what I will be giving away, but I will think of it over the next few days and get back with you on Monday!!
I'm taking the holiday off, so I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

Love ya mean it~


  1. amen, sista! i totally second the sentiments about cindy@no-reply. who is this cindy who gets all my lost emails?
    love you lots, too! have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. Congrats on the 200 followers! Awesome! And it will be more than that before you know it!

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kathleen!

  4. hello new friend! so nice to meet you, and your work is fantastic! I love the colors that you mix, and your finishing technique is really nice....

    hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!



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