Over the weekend, I finally finished a new piece.  Between getting my wallet stolen, mice/rats in our attic, my birthday this past week, it has been hectic.  Yes, that's right I had a birthday.  It was lovely, mom took me shopping, I received flowers from my love, and friends and family came 'round to celebrate. 

So on to the desk...
I bought this sweet, little desk at an estate sale several weeks ago.  It sat waiting patiently in my carport, until I finally got a vision.  I pictured it soft, sweet and pink.  Perfect for a little girl's room.


I used my own mix of white and red, to get a soft, delicate pink.
I'm sorry I can't always tell you the name of a paint color, it's just cheaper to buy "oops" paints and mix them myself.
Isn't it so cute?  I really hope someone buys this for their little girl.  The whole time I was painting it, I pictured her sitting there doing homework.

I also really love the original hardware.  I have never seen any like them, with the lattice work in the middle.
I cleaned them up and sprayed them with my go to can of-oil rubbed bronze.

(Just realized I need to fill that little hole, bottom left...)

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  1. i love it, i am actually looking for a table for my girl, will go to your store to take a look :)

  2. Pretty desk, I can see a big girl doing homework there too! I think you forgot to link to Susans party link up!

  3. Looks great! It's the perfect shade of pink!

  4. Happy Birthday! So sorry about your wallet. That is no fun. Your desk is sweet in the soft ballet slipper pink. I love girly and feminine! Great hardware. Hope you have a good week.

  5. So adorable! Your custom mix is an ideal pink. I love your new sidebar picture. Happy birthday, by the way :)

  6. Pretty in pink...isn't she pretty in pink?! Okay, now I have that song in my head and totally dated myself. Great shade of pink and nicely done!

  7. that is a very nice soft shade of pink- lovely on the desk!

  8. What brand of bronze spray paint do you use? The desk looks great!

  9. It looks great. I am thinking of doing some girlie pink in some furniture I do for after Christmas. I do whites and grays and I think pink and a ligt blue/green will complement it well.

  10. LOVE, love, love pink....great makeover.

    Take care,

  11. So sweet. My little girl would love that! That chair you put with it is perfect.

  12. That's the perfect shade of pink! I would love it, but first I need the little girl. LOL!


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