The jewel of the South

This weekend we took a trip to Savannah, Ga for my best friends wedding.  If you live in the south I don't have to tell you how hot it was,  but I will.  It was so hot, we could hardly breath.  Every time we walked outside, it was like walking into a sauna.  But I must say the days were beautiful.  Blue skies not a drop of rain the whole time.  My husband and I were able to stay an extra day and tour Savannah.  Some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen are in Savannah. Take a look...

If you've never been to Savannah, I highly recommend it.  Bring your walkin' shoes and be prepared to see lovely architecture and hear some ghost stories.  The city is said to be the most haunted in the South east.
We also stayed in the cutest little cottage on Tybee Island which I will post about tomorrow.

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