Cold Air

**First, I have to say that I was not compensated in any way shape or form for this review.  It's just a great product and I had to share.

I don't know about you, but as soon as the weather starts to get cold so does my home.  I can feel the coldness pouring in from my old window frames.  I knew there had to be a better way to keep the cold out without having to wrap my windows with plastic, yuck!

So as I'm reading my This Old House mag, they recommended putting this stuff from DAP called Seal' n Peel Removable Weather Strip Caulk in the cracks of your windows.  I thought it made sense, so I tracked down the stuff at a hardware store near me.  The majority of the big retailers didn't carry it, shocking.  This website can help you find it in your area. 
 Here is the best shot of what it looks like on my window. 
The sealant works great!  I can really tell a difference in our bedroom where it's usually 5 degrees colder than the hallway.  And when the weather warms up again, you can just peel it off!  Genius.


  1. we have used that before, to and it really helps!

  2. I saw that also in that great magazine! Its defiantly a plus to keep the cold outside.

  3. Hey Kathleen! My windows are awful. Where did you find that product? (I live near you)


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