B&A Friday

Happy Friday y'all. 
Today I'm bringing you a before/after from Cindy at Cameras and Chaos.  She made over this cute little chair for only $11!
  Welcome Cindy.

This chair started out in really good shape. it's a nice heavy cast iron.  not a bad paint job and the cushion was in great condition.  the paint job was a little beat up, but that's to be expected with it's age.  the original fabric for the seat cover under this tapestry was an olive green velvet.
the tapestry seat cover was pretty but a little old-fashioned looking.
the legs were gracefully curved and
the back had a pretty flower and vase detail.
The gold detail is always the first clue that something is dated.
i felt that it needed a dose of fun and modern
i sprayed it a glossy white paint
and recovered the seat in a fun, modern and graphic fabric.
chair: craigslist $5.00
fabric: hobby lobby about $2.50
spray paint: home depot $3.50
total: $11.00

What a deal!  Great job Cindy :)


  1. ooooh i felt my heart do a happy dance at seeing that chair! i LOVE it!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love that! That fabric really makes the chair look hip. I cannot believe she found it for only $5. Color me jealous :-).

  3. It looks great! Very fresh and modern now. I love it!

  4. Thank you Kathleen for featuring my chair.....And colorcoated....I couldn't believe that i got it for that price either!! It was a very lucky find.. :)

    xo, Cindy


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