Be my guest: Lily Field

Today I would like to introduce you to a new blogger named Heidi from Lily Field.
  She and her husband Chris work together to create some stunning furniture and color combos
Here are some of her pieces that I really love.

Welcome Heidi!

I am so excited to be guest posting today for Kathleen! I am Heidi and I am half of the face behind Lily Field Furniture. My man Chris does all of the hard work so you get to see a picture of him too! This is us on probably the one day of the year that I didn’t have paint clothes on!
16 vintage
I thought today I would tell you a few of my favorite things so here we go-
1. Brushes. I love my brushes like a normal woman loves her shoes. I am weird like that. I am a Purdy fan all the way. They are a bit pricier but you will be amazed at how great of a job they will do. Now that I have jumped on the Annie Sloan train, I also do love the big Italian waxing brushes that she suggests using with her wax. I like to have 2- one for clear wax and 1 for dark wax.
2. Paint. I have tried all different brands and for me personally I have found that Sherwin Williams works the best with my sprayer. Something about the consistency and coverage- highly recommend! Plus, there is this nifty little app called ‘color snap’ on my phone that lets me take a picture of anything and then translates it to a Sherwin Williams color for me. So much fun for a geek like me! As I mentioned above, I also now use a lot of Annie Sloan paint. I really am in love with her product. It’s great for someone like me that lives in the frigid Midwest to be able to paint inside and not worry about the fumes and chemicals my family is breathing in.
3. Sealers. When I am using normal latex paint, I swear by a sealer called Varathane. It comes in a few different finishes (satin, semi-gloss, gloss, etc) and does a great job of not yellowing those light pieces. If I am using Annie Sloan paint, I really, really like her own Annie Sloan wax. It took me awhile of playing with it to figure out how to best use it I admit. Now that I have the hang of it I am in love with it!
How about just a few of my favorite every day things, not painting related?
1. THIS coffee machine! I have had the Tassimo and all of those fancy machines but there is something about this machine that I love! It is awesome because it has the hot water dispenser right next to it so you can always have hot water for tea or cocoa or oatmeal. And the coffee it brews just tastes so much better than my cheap old Mr. Coffee machine did.
2. THIS perfume. If you like the smell of vanilla, this stuff is amazing! I found it a year ago when I was strolling through Anthropologie and have been hooked on it ever since. I can’t find it on their website but they do carry it in stores. SO worth the $18!!
3. THESE tea cookies- highly addicting!! Try them and you will thank me!
Well, I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and thanks again Kathleen for letting me guest post today! Come on over to Lily Field and check us out!


  1. i just love heidi's use of color! so so awesome!!!! and i liked this post- it was fun to read!

  2. Heidi, I LOVE your stuff. This sounds crazy but I really am a huge fan! Yes, you have fans. I'm gonna have to look into the color snap app.

  3. Those are some great pieces! I'll definitely head on over!


  4. Thanks guys! You know how to make a girls day! Helen- you are cracking me up about having fans- SO exciting!!!


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