It's a wonderful life

The past few days have been a little confusing for me.  When humans turn on each other and kill one another, for no apparent reason, I'm very confused and worried for our society. 

So I've been trying to find the beauty in the world around me.  Because I still firmly believe there is more good than evil in the world. 

However when tragedy strikes, it sure make blogging and painting furniture seem trivial. 

Anyway, here are a few photos that made me feel better about life, and I hope they can brighten your day as well.

Beautiful blooming flowers in December.

The cute little wreath that hangs on my back door, and makes me feel like I live in a cottage.

 My beautiful angels sent from Heaven.

One of the most amazing days of my whole life.
 I believe that one of the main reasons we are here on this earth is to connect with one another.  And I feel truly blessed to be connected to you through this amazing internet.
I hope you all have a joyful holiday.

Much love,

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  1. amen! i went for a walk saturday and saw forsythia blooming... crazy, but hopeful.


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