Lampshade Upgrade

I know this has been done all over blog land, but I this is my first attempt at a lampshade re-do.
  I took an ordinary lampshade off a lamp from Ikea, and wrapped it in burlap. I plan to spray paint the base in the near future

Here is the plain white shade before

 Basically, I cut the burlap the same size as the lamp shade.  Folding the edges of the burlap around the base of the shade, I hot glued it the the inside of the bottom of the shade.
Pulling it taut, I glued the burlap around the top. 
It was a little rough around the edged so I 
 glued a little trim to the top rim, left over from this chair

Happy Thursday


  1. It looks great! The trim is a nice touch.

  2. It looks fab, well done on your first go!

  3. You just have to love what burlap can do. Looks great. I still haven't attmepted a project like this. Maybe one of these days.


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