Dresser for a Big Girl

This is the lovely dresser I was telling you about.  As of right now, I plan to put it in my daughters room when we update her room.  I chose to go white, because I thought it would be simple and elegant.  And also go with what ever bedding we choose.  Originally I had thought of painting it a pretty color, but thought it might not be in style in a few years.  White is always in style. 

This piece had a lot of chipped veneer on the drawers, that I tried to salvage.  But in the end, I just  peeled it all off.

 I just love the little drawer on top.

Dealing with chipped veneer is usually just a matter of fixing it with some wood filler.
But this time it was not working.  So I got some tools, and started prying off the veneer. It took forever and I vowed never again to buy a piece with badly chipped veneer ever again.

But I probably will, if it's as pretty as this piece :)
The color is Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams

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  1. It's so beautiful now. I love the creamy white color and the sweet little drawer on top. It adds such a nice unexpected touch.

  2. I really am in love with everything you do! Truly!

  3. How sweet! What a cute dresser...job well done!
    It's funny I have always had vintage, and antique dressers growing up, and always wanted a new dresser...now that I'm a big girl and can have whatever I want...I don't want new...I still want vintage and antique. Go figure!

  4. oh now that is a beauty! i love the whimsy of the top knob being different, too. just beautiful- it is perfect for a big girl. :)

  5. It looks wonderful, it will look so good in her room!!! I would love to get your advice on two pieces I have in my daughters room ♥

  6. It's lovely! I love the aged look...so chic! I have a dresser with damaged veneer on the top...maybe I'll chip away at it.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. It turned out perfect. The drawer pulls are fabulous.


  8. So pretty! Glad you're feeling well enough to paint! I had a brush in my hand today as well!! Go us! :) The dresser I did for my daughter's room had the little drawer on top too, and I LOVE it. (http://twicelovely.blogspot.com/2010/07/my-daughters-new-old-dresser.html)

    You know what would look fantastic, maybe once you decide on bedding and such is to paint a monogram in the center medallion part! Adorable!

  9. This is just so sweet! I love the little details on the legs and the center. I want this for MY room!

    Sugar & Spackle

  10. These are my favorite types of dressers! Sitting up on legs and painted white with some nice distressing and little glass knobs. This is perfect my friend. Love love love it!

  11. Kathleen, you did a fabulous job on this! Really pretty in the white and I agree that it is nice and elegant. As you said you can choose any bedding with it. I really love the older dressers. They have so much character and detail. Your daughter will enjoy this dresser as a little girl up to when she's an adult. Nice job and glad you are feeling better!

  12. very sweet! love it when something turns our even better than you plan!

  13. I agree, LOVE the little drawer;) Great Job Kat! Serena

  14. I really like your chest of drawers. Its cool that the detail is still in the drawers even after taking the veneer off. Its very pretty. You did a really nice job.

  15. I love it! I really love the glazing on it! Beautiful.

  16. It is beautiful! I LOVE the drawer on the top :)

  17. Kathleen this is so yummy I want to touch through my screen! Job well done.

  18. What a fabulous piece; I love the little drawer on top too! It looks great with the different pull on it. Great work!

  19. WOW! It's gorgeous and I love the added detail of the green knob!
    Kate @

  20. That little cutie would have been hard to pass up! So cute....

    Warm blessings,

  21. What a beautiful makeover! I love the little drawer on top as well! It's amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do! Great job! Thanks so much for linking up to Terrific Under Ten today!

  22. Love it all--the lines of the dresser, the white, and the knobs!


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