Before/ After shelves

Here are some old yucky shelves I inherited from my husbands grandmother. I had considered getting rid of them, but was inspired to try to paint them. You can see that someone tried to spray paint her brown, but wasn't exactly sure what they were doing.  In a time before there were blogs to see "how to" do something what did our ancestors do?
Anyhow, I took her out back and primed her up and spray painted her Rustoleums "Heirloom White".  I also add some bead board wallpaper I bought from here 

Close up
 I had to take off the board from the back, I pulled out all the nails and lined it with bead board wallpaper.  Once the wallpaper and paint was dry I used the old nails to put it back on.  I also distressed all the edges.
I think it turned out pretty good, considering how awful it was before.
By the way, has anyone ever had a numb finger after spray painting?  My finger was numb for weeks afterward!


  1. I love this shelf. You did a great job giving it a face lift and it turned out so cute!

    When I saw your pic on the side bar I said to myself. Gee, I didn't know Jennifer Garner had a blog! You look a lot like her :)

  2. You need to buy an adapter for spray paint cans that turns it into a trigger sprayer. It just snaps onto any spray paint can and you squeeze it with your hand instead of the tip of your finger. It's only a couple of bucks and well worth it.

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Anita, I have been told before that I look like her!
    And Lisa, I looked into that after my finger was numb for a few weeks.


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