French Wing Back

I've got the tree up, the gifts bought, and the plans made.  Christmas is fast approaching and my little darlings are so excited.  I asked my 5 year old "What is Christmas?"  And she said "Lights!"

I love that her first response wasn't "presents!"  But then we discussed what we believe to be true about what Christmas really means and why we celebrate it.

My Christmas present to myself, was to get this chair completed before the big day.  It's been an ongoing project for whenever I had free time.  So you can guess that it's taken me....awhile.  For those of you who don't know I've got 3 kids 5 and under.

I'd been wanting one of these French wing backs for awhile now.  And I came across this one for $10, so into the car she went.

I ran out of trim for the back, so I used some left over nail head trim from this bench.

This has been only my second attempt at making a cushion cover.  I'm self taught, so let's just say thank God I wasn't born a perfectionist.
I may not be posting for the next couple of weeks, so I hope you all have a



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