Large Linen closet

Now that my oldest daughter has started kindergarten(!)  I'm able to have a little more free time during naps to complete some projects. My sweet new baby is 8 months and I also have to keep up with my energetic three year old.  But gosh darn it if I can try and sell some furniture while I do it all.

I'm calling this a closet, because it originally had doors on it.  I like the look of an open closet, especially when you have lovely blankets and sheets to show off.

I think this would look excellent in a guest room or at the end of a hallway.  It also has a rod tucked into the top so you can hang clothes on it as well.  I would love to keep this. I realized as I was gathering blankets from around the house there wasn't a central location for all of my extra blankets.  They all reside in separate closets or are strewn around the house.

This piece is for sale.  Contact me if you are interested.

oh yeah, and let's not forget the before picture.

Also,I wanted to share my inspiration picture with you.


  1. you totally had a vision for that- it looks gorgeous!!!!! i am so happy to see you blog, too! :) love the new look and photo, gorgeous lady!

  2. Looks lovely! The color is gorgeous!

  3. This is a fabulously clever idea for all of those cast off TV armoire's that we all had to have in the 90's and now don't fit a flat screen TV. Craigslist is full of them all the time. Great way to recycle them!


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