I feel like I've been taken by a tornado, spun around a few hundred times and spit back out somewhere over in Alabama. 

Our sweet baby boy arrived about five weeks ago, and life has never been the same.  We finally got his room together about two weeks after he arrived.

We decided to make it a nursery/guest bedroom.  

 I sewed the bumper with some classic grey and white striped fabric.
The skirt is a dark grey linen.

I got this great idea for the pictures above his crib from surfing around on Etsy.

I used and old Encyclopaedia for the paper, and images I found online.
Fixed them up a bit in photo shop, and created a one of a kind piece of art.

Next up, big girl bed re-do for daughter #2.


  1. Looks great, can't wait to see it in person :). ~Serena

  2. it looks amazing!! love the prints. praying that life will calm down a little bit soon (or that you'll at least land in georgia next time!). sending lots of love!!

  3. Congrats blessed beautiful wee one. He is precious. Lovely crib.

  4. he is so adorable- i love those cheeks! and i love the artwork! i am so happy for you- it will calm down soon.

  5. He is adorable and his room is too. You did a great job decorating it.

  6. What a beautiful boy! You are blessed and RICH! Destiny

  7. He is PERFECT! Congratulations! And his nursery is beautiful!

  8. Congratulations Kathleen! What an adorable little boy. The nursery looks great. How is big sister doing with her new baby brother?


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