FAQ "Granite" Counter tops

 This week I'm going to address some FAQ's. 

Question for today~

How are my "granite" counter tops holding up?

About a year ago I received a kit from Gianni granite paint to use and talk about on my blog.  I was very happy about the opportunity to try it out because my faux butcher block counter tops were not going to work in my new kitchen. So I painted them. 
 For the full story on that click here.


 So as for how they are holding up, well see for your self.

The paint is chipping in several areas.  The area next to my stove where I do most of my cooking, is the
worst.  The edges also seem to get damaged easily.

Occasionally liquids are spilled and not cleaned up immediately, which causes the paint to soften and peel.

Since we can't afford new counter tops right now, these will have to do.  I've considered re-painting them, but to be honest I probably won't.
It was time consuming and if they are just going to scratch again in a year, it's not worth it.

In closing, if you have counter tops that you just can't live with or can't afford the real thing, then this paint is a good option.
Just be extra careful and for goodness sake, wipe up your spills :)

If you have a question you'd like to see answered here on the blog, please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. that is a bummer that they are chipping a bit... i had thought about this for our bathroom but i don't know if it would work well since it would often have water on it. :(

  2. Thanks I have been wondering about this. My countertop,s are not bad I just wanted another color. I believe I'll just stick to the ones I got. Blessings! Lara


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