Light blue

This is one of my favorite colors to paint furniture.  I used it first on this great little buffer/dresser.  It's perfect because, it's not white and it's not too bold.  I love color, but I wanted this piece to be neutral enough to fit into anyone's decor.

Too bad it's an "oops paint"  don't have a name for it.  So we'll just go with light blue, okay?  I know, I'm super creative huh? If you've got a better name, I'm all ears.

I'm getting ready for the Little Red Barn Fall Sale, so I've been very busy with furniture and new creations.  I participated for the first time back in the spring and it was so successful, I decided to do it again.  A great group of women getting together to sell their creations, what could be better than that?

Here is one of the pieces for the sale~

If you live in the Atlanta area and want more info on The Little Red Barn Sale, click on the link in my side bar.

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  1. Beautiful! That's a great shade of blue.

  2. beautiful! i feel the same way about wedgewood gray, which is a soft light blue like this- it is neutral enough, not too feminine and soft, and not white. :)

  3. Lovely! I love light blues, too. It's a peaceful color, one I thnk everyone likes and goes with any decor.

  4. Can't wait for the sale on the 17th!!

  5. This piece is just gorgeous! And the color is perfection.

  6. Just beautiful!

    Good luck with your sale!

  7. Loving this one! Other than the one I already have, of course :)

    1. Huh. Good catch on my no-reply. I wonder when my Google profile changed that setting on me. Hopefully it doesn't turn into another Facebook where I have to reset everything every 5 weeks!

  8. I love your furniture pieces but I notice you never give any direction as to how you to the painting process, priming, protective finish etc. Do you ever do any tutorials. I'm new to your blog so you may have some around I haven't found yet. I've only used chalk paint so I'd love to hear other techniques. Please share. Thanks.


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