Sweet Desk

I got this desk among several other pieces at an estate sale.  Ever been to one where the people were hoarders?  Those are THE BEST, so much to look at and usually hidden treasures around every corner. 
 As long as you don't mind rummaging through other people's filth, they rule!

Also, they price everything very reasonable because they just want to get rid of it quickly.

During the painting of this desk I misplaced one of my many official paint can openers and had to resort to using a screwdriver.  And it seems like every time I try this I fail and end up slicing through my finger.  This time was no different.  I cut through the webbing of my thumb and pointer finger, ouch!

 Maybe I need to start carrying that paint opener on a string around my neck.  Start a new fashion. 
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I was kind of joking when I said that, but after I put this on and took a picture, I think maybe it would be a good idea.

Or maybe I need a tool belt.  Hey, yeah!  A tool belt should do the trick.

Any thoughts?

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  1. i think i need to do that with my opener, too! great idea! and LOVE the desk! it's beautiful!

  2. You should make the string a little longer so you don't have to bend so far over to open it, LOVE the desk!!

  3. The desk is gorgeous! Love the gold pulls!

  4. I think I need to adopt your opener idea-- I lost mine just last week; I had a very strong back end of a fork I ended up using. Really enjoyed reading through your blog though, ended up adding it to my list of inspirations.

  5. I may have missed it, but what paint/color/finish did you use on this? Love the colors -- looking for inspiration!

  6. I wanted you to know that we all LOVE the desk. My girl thought it was the best desk in the world. SO glad I snagged it!!! Thanks!

  7. Love this paint color. Can you tell me what color it is? I found you via your library makeover on Love of Family & Home's blog. Love your new library!


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