New little walk way

 This is the area where my wrap around porch ends and there is a little garden area with a large dogwood and some hosta. I thought it would make sense to take out the railing and make the porch easily accessible from this side of the house.  I also wanted to store all my paints and such out there because this is where I do most of my work.

Here is the before taken last fall

And today I finally got around to buying the stones for the walk way.
 See that shelving unit in the background?  My neighbor was tossing it out, it works perfectly for all my paints and tools.
 I used a shovel and dug out level sections for my rocks to rest in. Then pounded in the dirt around them, added some river rocks and called it a day.
 It's a pretty simple project if you are looking to add a cute little path to your yard.
I also plan to add some more shade tolerant plants under there.
I like it!


  1. Genius idea to take out that railing. I bet that porch will get tons more use now.
    heuchera or coral bells are very attractive for shade. most have dark purple leave that will contrast nicely with the hosta.
    see you soon!

  2. Great! I have been wanting a path from my gate to my back patio for 8 years. Guess you've motivated me!


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