Laundry Nook Facelift

I'm so mad, I just accidentally deleted my before picture of the laundry room!  So now I will have to describe it to you.  Just imagine, brown bi fold doors, and a bunch of random stuff littering the shelves.  Oh yeah, and plain white walls. 
I had a hard time trying to find laundry nook ideas around the web.  There isn't much one can do with such an eye sore.  Let me remind you that this is in our kitchen, yes our kitchen.  I'm glad it's not in the basement, but I would much rather it have it's very own closet somewhere other than the kitchen. 

 After using what I had around the house to spruce it up, here is a peek
 into where I spend quite a bit of my adult life.

 Anyone have a cute idea to hiding the plug and faucet box thingy?
I thought about hanging a clothes line across it with some cute fabric on clothespins.
I replaced the folding doors with some curtains, and the floors are the next to go.
I hope this helps someone else who searches for "How to dress up an awkward laundry nook".


  1. I think you did a fabulous job on your laundry nook and now anyone who has the same problem will get ideas from you.... what a pioneer. If you find someone has given you an idea about the plug and faucet hook ups please put that in your blog because I have the very same problem.

  2. Cute laundry nook! I need to find an idea on how to cover my plus as well. Also I need a guard so items can't fall behind the washer and dryer!

  3. it looks great! i love the shelving and the curtain! i am sure the curtain looks much better than the brown bifold doors i am picturing. ;)

  4. I love that you used a curtain to hide the washer and dryer, such a great idea! It looks really fantastic!

  5. you could paint the plug and faucet surround the same color as the wall to camouflage them.

  6. The shelves are so cool. I'm secretly jealous of your shelves, I just have one shelf. Love the accessories too. I agree with comeca, it IS cottage cute!


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