Decorators' Show House

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a media preview for the 42nd Annual Decorators’ Show House & Garden.  I knew next to nothing about this event, but it turned out to be one of the most highly anticipated events in the southeast.  The Decorators' Show House & Gardens is one of several fund-raising events of the Atlanta Symphony Associates.  This year it it being held at the Knollwood house.  Built in 1929, and despite being located in the middle of busy Buckhead, the property seems like an elegant home in the country.

I was one of the lucky bloggers invited to tour the house before the opening night.  It was SO FUN!  Each room in the house is decorated by a different designer.  I was able to go through each room and speak to each design team about how and why they decorated the room the way they did.  It was heaven for me, because I love interior design.  I got so many great ideas for my home and to share with you.

Lots of pictures coming your way...

So let's start the tour.
There were many rooms, so I'm just sharing with you my favorite.

When you first walk in there is an elegant foyer
Mary Palmer Dargan
 Love the gallery wall and the detail in the staircase
Then into the library
William S. Murphy
 I loved the putty color on the wall
Next came the solarium 
John Oetgen 

The kitchen
 Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio
  I thought the idea to place mirrors above the windows was genius.  Makes the window seem much bigger.  And the little lamps are perfect.
More little details I enjoyed

The dining room
Carole Weaks

 I love this arrangement

 Back hallway and sitting room
Kelly Hansen, Principle designer
 This area was so neat, the eclectic look was one of my favorites.

 Notice the wallpaper.

Guest bedroom
Courtney Giles Decker
 This room was also one of my favorites, (I had a lot)  The lavender walls, mixed with turquoise, silver and black accents. So calming and elegant.

Jimmy Stanton

 Master Bedroom
Barbara Westbrook
 I could not get enough of this dramatic bedroom, the wall color was so pretty.

 Ladies master bath/closet/sitting room= my heaven
Maria Nutt
 Design Galleria

 Best part of the whole room, is this amazing floor!

This gallery wall  follows you down the grand staircase.
It was breath taking.   Hard to show the scale of how large it was.  That one painting on the left was at least 6 ft tall.

And outside the peaceful gazebo.  And Pool.

There was so much more, but I think you get the point.  If you live in the Atlanta area, I would highly suggest you take a day and go check this out.

The Atlanta Symphony Associates has announced a series of special events as part of the Show House this year. Special presentations — including lectures, book signings, wine tastings, and cooking demonstrations will be held at Knollwood.
Please check the website for more info


  1. so much eye candy! i love the hallway/nook, the solarium, and how bout that charcoal highboy!

  2. Wow! That house is fabulous! What a treat to be able to take a tour of it. Lucky you! The kitchen is amazing. I think one of my favorite rooms is the solarium. So light and bright and fun decorated in the black and white.

  3. This is a truly stunning show home! A bit more traditional than my personal taste but so many inspiring details. I particularly love the mirror and sconce above the window and the beautiful staircase gallery wall! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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