Clean Brushes with Hot Vinegar

I pinned this a while ago from This Old House, but had yet to try it out until last week.  I wasn’t going to post about it until I was sure it worked. Because let’s face it, hot vinegar? 
Who would of thunk it. 
So I took a pot full of vinegar and brought it to an almost boil on the stove.  You could probably use a microwave as well.  Then I poured it into a canister I had and let the brushes soak for about 15 minutes.   furniture 403
This is a brush that had been sitting outside for a while caked in paint. 
And here is is after about 15 minutes.  Probably should let it soak for at least 30 minutes.
furniture 402
I also tried it with a brush I used for stain and it didn’t work as well, nor did it work for the wood finish.
But this is a very cheap and environment friendly way to clean paint off your brushes!

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  1. i tried this brush cleaning method and it ruined my brush! :o( the bristles became feathery and it no longer held it's shape. i'm glad it worked for you...maybe i did something wrong? hmm...


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