Painted Door

We are still working on getting our basement fixed up.  It has been a long process, mainly because it's not really a priority.  One of the problems is the fact that I can't see it most of the time.  I only go down there to get something maybe once or twice a month.  So it's been neglected to say the least.  But over the weekend I started sprucing it up a bit and finally painted the door going out side.

  Much. Better.
The next step will be painting the floors.  That will have to wait .
But this is a major improvement. 
This is a mix of white, blue and green paint I had in my paint collection.


  1. it looks awesome, kathleen! love the color you mixed and it makes it so much more homey!

  2. Your paint combo is the perfect shade of blue. I love it.

    I have a space that keeps getting overlooked too! All summer long I've been going to paint my kitchen but it still hasn't happened!

  3. I love that color, Kathleen!
    Also, your bedding has inspired me to attempt to sew a crib skirt and bumper for my newest little one. I hope it turns out as cute as yours!!

  4. The color s amazing! It makes a huge difference!


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