Tip: Removing Contact Paper

I bought this great dresser at the thrift store a while back.
Once I started to work on it, I realized all the drawers had this sticky contact paper in them.
Even worse it was stuck on so good, that every time I tried to pull it off, it ripped into tiny pieces.  
I thought maybe if I put really hot water on it, it may be easier to pull off.  After all it worked for my wallpaper problem.  But that turned out to be a big ole' mess, so then I had the brilliant idea to try out a hairdryer.  And the paper peeled off like a dream.
Some of you may have already discovered this little trick, but if not it may save you a lot of frustration on your next project ;)


  1. I had a similar situation with this piece (http://beforemeetsafter-frugalfinder.blogspot.com/)
    in the drawers! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great tip! That's a great dresser. It'll be fun to see what you wrok your magic on it.

  3. I never would have thought of that! Thanks for the great tip.

  4. Great tip! I just finished peeling contact paper out of every single drawer and cabinet of our house. (Who does that anyway??) Sure wish I'd thought of the hair dryer or waited until your post to tackle that tacky task!! :-) If we buy another house with a 'contact paper-happy' previous owner I'll definitely remember this tip!! Cheers!

  5. really great tip!

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  7. I sure wish I had this tip last year. LOL :)


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