B&A Friday

I've been a little MIA this week, due to the fact that we've been snowed in and my husband had to work from home.  So the computer was a little tied up.
But I have some neat before and after pics to show you.  I found these surfing through some of the link parties last week and thought they deserved some mention.

Here is a cute vanity from Elle over at Switcheroom

I love the bold choice in color, would look so great in a white room.

And this garage sale hutch from the folks at Triangle Honeymoon

I really like how she left some of the wood exposed, very different from others I've seen.

Thanks ladies, you did fantastic work!
Remember, you can always send me your B&A pics to be featured on Fridays!


  1. love that vanity!!!! everything about it!

  2. Both beautiful transformations with gorgeous colors. I hope you are getting a little relief from being snowed in, Kathleen! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Both makeovers had really good pieces to start with-nice!


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