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You know those days when everything lines up perfectly so that you can be in the right place at the right time?
Well, I happened upon one of those days a few months back.  Just out walking around my neighborhood and I saw this piece lying on it's back out by the curb.  I thought to myself, "That must be in pretty bad shape if they are throwing it out".  Which it was.  But I knew I could make it pretty again.

However it did need a good deal of work, check out the before.

I had to peel off a lot of the veneer and sand, sand, sand... oh, yeah and sand some more.
I re-finished the top with a walnut stain.   I used a color I had loved on this piece, called Woodlawn Vally Haze by Valspar.
Just another piece I will be selling at The Little Red Barn Sale.

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  1. really brought that piece back to life...and a much better life at that! Looks great.

  2. i cannot believe it was on the curb!!!! it's gorgeous! love the color!

  3. Nice you really transformed that piece.

  4. How come I never get that lucky! Great job - it looks beautiful. :)

  5. You did a really great job on that! I really like that style of furniture... I haven't been lucky enough to find a piece yet, though. You were incredibly lucky to find that on the curb!

  6. What a wonderful piece to have escaped the landfill. You did a beautiful job on it.

  7. Just beautiful! Wow, now that is something I don't think I would find in my neck of the woods. Those kinds of antiques, even if they are in horrible shape are sold for a fortune! If it hasn't sold already, I am sure it will quickly. Thanks for sharing. -K


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