Chair Set & a lesson

**Reminder to those who live in the Atlanta area**
April 28-29
473 N Peachtree St.
                                                                    Norcross, GA 30071
I'm getting really pumped for the weekend of the 28-29.  I can't wait to gather with a group of talented women who have come together with their special creations to share with others.  
On a side note, something I've been thinking about since it happened.  I almost hit two kids in the Whole Food parking lot today, because they ran right out into oncoming traffic with out even stopping or looking!  I screeched to a halt, and they didn't even seem to notice me.  I sat there stunned wondering where the parent was.  And then I saw him about 20 feet away walking casually ON HIS CELL PHONE!  I can not begin to tell you how mad I was.  I rolled down my window and hollered at it him " Are those your kids?!"  " Yes" he says.  "They just ran off."  Like that was a justified explanation.  I was stunned, I said "I almost hit them!"  He walks to his kids, still on his cell phone mind you, and says "Did you see that car, say your sorry."  And they did.  I hope that wasn't the end of the conversation.  Please, please, please if you are reading this and you have kids I urge you to teach them, if you haven't already, the right way to cross the street.  And for goodness sake get off your phone and pay attention.

Moving on.....

This set of 4 beautiful chairs will be among the items for sale
There are 3 of these

 And one of these. I call it the "Daddy chair"

I hope to see you there!

Primitive and Proper


  1. first of all the chairs are stunning! i love the details!
    second of all oh my word. seriously people.... pay attention to your kids!!!! that is horrible. the sad thing is that if you hit them, you would be living with horrible guilt even though it is not your fault. i hit a black dog once at 5:30am on my way to work. the dog died and i cried and felt horrible. it also happened to be the day before my bday and i will never forget. it was a pet- it had tags. but it was out and darted in front of my car. here we are 4 years later and i still feel horrible about it even though i am aware that it was not my fault.

  2. Wow! I recently did a chair like this a few months back. With the rose detail etc.


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