Quick Little Tip

As I was moving my most recent piece to its new location for the time being, I did something I've done for years now.  I thought you all might benefit from this little tip, unless you already know about it. 
When moving something buy myself, and on a hard floor, not sure this works as well on carpet.  I put pot holders under the feet and slide it across the floor, like so...
As long as the piece is not too heavy this should work.  Slowly lift one leg at a time and shimmy a pot hold under each leg.  Gently slide the piece across the floor, and voila!  Instant furniture movers!


  1. I like it....I have always used a blanket. Pot holders would be so much easier. Thanks

  2. I agree that pot holders are a whole lot easier! Great idea. i've been using hand towels. Thanks for the tip!

  3. genius, and thicker than the socks I usually slip over each leg.


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