B&A Friday

This week, I'm featuring a little something different. Ideas come from all over and I thought this cute trash can make over is a great idea!  It comes from Deborah Lynn over at Green Willow Pond

I had these two ugly trash cans in my kitchen. There is no where to hide them at present, and they were really bugging me. Our cat had scratched them up trying to tip them over. (When the mice are away...)
I priced new black trash cans. They were around $14 each at Walmart. Not bad...but I really want to save my pennies for quality stainless steel ones. So, at $4 plus for a can of Krylon Fusion plastic paint (it took one per trash can), I decided to try painting them.

Number 1 is for paper (we burn our paper), and Number 2 is for anything else that can't be recycled or composted.  They aren't perfect.  If you get close you can still see some scratches, but anyone who puts their nose close enough to see that...well I'd have to wonder about them!

Cute huh?  
I like the simplicity of it.

Send in your before/after pics!

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  1. I always look forward to your before and after post and this weeks is wonderful. Such a great idea!


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