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This has nothing to do with furniture or decorating.  I just thought I should share it will you all.  If any of you are as sick as I am at paying $60-100 for a haircut then listen up!  My past two hair cuts have been from students.  I was a little weary at first, thinking "Oh no! They might make me look like the bride of Frankenstein!"  But honestly there's very little you could do to mess up my hair.  It is straight and thick, and your basic haircut is great for me.  I may not recommend this if you have difficult hair, and no one can give you a good cut but the lady you've been going to for 20 years.
But these students, are really great!  I saw many of them doing color, I may not risk that, a haircut is more simple.  My haircut today was only $15!!! Can't beat that with a stick!  I doubt I'll ever go to a real salon again.  Plus in Atlanta there is an Aveda Institute, which I love.  Aveda products are my fav!  I went to a Paul Mitchell one before, but I like the Aveda one better.
See if there's one in your area, Aveda
Or just Google, hair schools in your city.
 My hair cut today, got about 3 inches off.
My hair really isn't that blond, just they way the light is hitting it :)
There is furniture coming I promise!



  1. i also love aveda! i lived in louisiana for a while and i used to go to the institute there in mandeville for haircuts, manis, pedis, facials.... the prices were great, and the treatment and products fabulous!!! i miss it!!!your hair looks beautiful!

  2. You don't know me, but I love looking at your blog.
    And I thought I'd finally comment...
    going to a hair school is definitely the way to go! I had my hair colored there a year or so ago...and the girl did GREAT!! She did better than anyone that's EVER done my hair before. And I think when you call to make an appointment, you can ask for someone that's been going to school there, for a couple years, instead of one of the newbie's that are still learning.

    You're haircut looks great!

  3. I've had highlights from that Aveda location. No problems at all. You could not tell the difference between those and the hundred dollars I was getting.

  4. Great photo of you! Your haircut looks great.


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