B&A Friday

This week, I wanted to share an amazing make over from Kate over at Centsational Girl.  She worked very hard on this project and deserves a round of applause. 

Oooooooh happy Friday friends.  Guess what?  I finally finished our staircase!  Let me tell you, with two little monkeys running around, I was forced to take this on late at night after they had gone to bed.  So for the last ten days, yours truly has been up late sanding, staining, priming and painting, plus polyurethaning (is that a word?) in order to get our staircase to look like this.
Hello gorgeous!
Gorgeous!  She did such a great job, head on over to her blog for a step by step tutorial of to how she did it!


  1. She always does an amazing job, doesn't she? Thanks so much for stopping over at MommaHenscoop! I'd love to have you back soon :D

  2. Kathleen, I'm so delighted to be featured! You made my day, thank you so much for your kind words. Still loving those dark wood stairs so much!

  3. Kate's stairs are amazing. She did a grogeous job! She is one talented lady.

  4. Beautiful job! It makes all the difference in the world!!

    FYI - Here is a stairway with some personality, using Uppercase Living vinyl lettering. :)


  5. Oh my goodness..... That is STUNNING! What a wonderful job. It looked so blah and 70's in the before and totally beautiful in the after. DEEEE.lish.

    Warm blessings,


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