Burlap Vase How to

I saw this great idea from Cassie over at  Hi Sugarplum!  She copied a $50 burlap wrapped vase from Ballard. When I saw her post I immediately wanted to give it a try on my own.  However, I did it a little differently.
I got the vase from the dollar store and another small one.  
 First, I Cut out each piece of burlap to fit perfectly around my vase. Then I used a lighter to gently burn off the tiny "hairs" on the edges.

 Where Cassie used glue, I tried Mod Podge.  I slathered on a thick layer of the stuff all over the burlap piece, then carefully wrapped it around the vase.  The Mod Podge made it a bit stiffer and more fitted to the vase.
 Then I allowed to dry for about 30 min.
First the Ballard version
And mine!
The burlap adds great texture to any decor.



  1. These look great, Kathleen. I love the simplicity of this project. These will add a nice touch to your Thanksgiving table.

  2. Well I am so glad you left a comment on my blog, because I got to discover yours. And I've read all the way back to your Craiglist tips so far. Stunning site, and your projects are fantastic.

  3. umm...I LOVE THIS! so very pretty. can't wait to try it myself. if i post about my attempt, i'll be sure to link back to ya. thanks so much for sharing! what a great project for the holidays. xo leanne

  4. I love those! They are perfect for Thanksgiving.

  5. this is fabulous! I love it!!!

  6. does the burlap come off nicely or is a permanent thing?

  7. I'm sure it would come off if you really pulled it. But mod podge is pretty tough stuff!


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