Paint or not to paint?

That is the question. 

Okay all of you furniture painters/lovers out there, I need some input as to your feelings on painting this beautiful vanity.

Let me give you some background~

I got this piece at a steal, and it was so lovely I decided not to paint it.  I brought it with me to The Little Red Barn Sale, and there was no interest.  So I hauled it back to my house, with hopes of selling it on CL.  However, it's been almost 4 weeks and nothing.  Not even a little nibble.  I'm having a serious battle within my soul as to whether or not I should paint it.  I have a pretty good feeling that if I were to paint it, I would sell it much quicker.

Your thoughts?....
I picture myself as an old woman peering through my bifocals, looking back at this blog, and thinking "I can't believe I painted that. 

Or I could be an old woman, with perfect eyesight and thinking "now, why didn't I paint that?"
 I also imagine some sort of head device that we will be wearing 24-7 that allows us to surf the net while driving, cooking dinner, and showering.


  1. you could keep the top and drawers wood and frame it out in some kind of pretty blue- that would look awesome and still preserve some of the pretty wood!

  2. what about a nice stain? keep the feel of the wood but update it a bit? :)

  3. My thought was painting it a pale gray and leaving the drawer fronts and top alone or a darker stain.

  4. I like the idea of leaving the drawer fronts natural then painting the rest. That way you still keep some of it's original character while updating it as well. Great piece!

  5. I agree with others. Leave the drawer fronts as they are. They have a great pattern to them. Paint the rest of the piece a color that would compliment the drawer fronts.

    However, paint it if selling it is your goal...don't paint it if you plan to keep it.

  6. I say paint it! I see a number of beautiful combos.....:) Sandy

  7. It needs some work, just go ahead and paint it. :)

  8. I think it would be beautiful painted! :)

  9. if you were truly up for a mess, i'd strip the whole thing and give it a grey wash so the grain comes through and update the hardware. you know, wisteria/restoration hardware-ish.

    or not!

  10. I was checking out your new site and could not help but comment on this little something that I love so much!

    If this piece were mine {close eyes and wish! hee!} I would take the mirror off, sand it down, fill the hardware holes and drill new holes for new hardware and paint it! Sell it as a desk.....:}

    ...just my two cents!



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