Be my guest:Lesley Graham

I've accidentally posted this twice. So sorry for the confusion...
Today I'm having my first ever guest blog post. Lesley Graham is a dear friend of mine and a very talented seamstress and blogger. Please head on over and check out her amazing creations in her new Etsy shop.

Hello Between Blue and Yellow readers! I'm Lesley. Kathleen and I go way back to high school (actually middle school, but we weren't friends then). When she asked me to guest post, I was a little stumped on what to talk about because she is miss DIY (her furniture pieces amaze me) and I'm DIsometimesmaybe. One thing we definitely have in common is that we are both working from home while raising kids. This year I'll be putting all of my extra energy into my new shop, Tiny Fete, while keeping up with my three year older daughter, Matilda.

Carryall available here.

A few things I've learned in my first week of working from home:
  • Don't count on naps.

  • Clean as you go so you aren't spending all of your time at night cleaning. This makes watching things like Vampire Diaries a lot easier.
  • GET OUT. In the winter cabin fever tends to sneak up on us and kids feel it too. Even running morning errands is good for everyone.

  • Try and keep working hours. I find that having a set start to my day is really motivating. The alarm still needs to go off at a certain time each day.

  • These two things make me feel pulled together, even if I'm totally not: 1. Getting dressed right away and 2: Making my bed.

    Did I leave anything out that some of you pros want to school me on? I'm ALL ears. - Lesley

    Thanks, Kathleen!

    1. Boy, that getting dressed right away would do the trick! I'm going to start doing that starting tomorrow-because pjs create a feeling of "let's hunker down!"

      My tip-which I haven't been following so well-is to make sure you wake up at least a half hour before your kiddos. An hour or more is ideal. That way you get some time to greet the day before the rush of the kids. I'm sure most do this but with my early risers, sometimes I'm barely awake when they burst on to the scene!:)

      Going to check out this furniture!!

    2. thank you for the great advice jayne!

    3. her shop is so cute! i love the little girls skirts. :)
      and i agree 100 percent about bed making- i cannot not make a bed in the morning.... the rest of teh day just feels off!

    4. Great tips. I am a Fly Lady follower and she always says to get dressed down to your shoes! Thanks for the inspiration!

    5. I'm coming to visit from Cassie's blog. So glad to have found you and now another great blog!


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