Be inspired:Free Art

From now on I will be trying to post inspiring projects from myself and others.  If I come across something on Pinterest, around the blogasphere or if you would like to send in an idea. It must be something you would like to share to help inspire others to make their home lovely.

I've been known to frame my share of pretty note cards I receive from friends and family members. I also like to frame pretty calendar pages.  Today I will share a couple with you.  It's an easy, usually free, piece of art work if I have an extra frame lying around.

Several years ago my cousin sent me this pretty card.  What to do with a pretty card you don't want to throw out? Put a frame on it!
Or how about tearing out one of your favorite monthly pictures from a calendar
(pink flowers on the left).
And this nice card my mother in law gave me.
Be inspired.


  1. i have a couple cards in frames, too- they are pretty to look at and sweet reminders of those who sent them!

  2. I'm framed some, too. It is a lovely idea and a special way to remember special people. I even framed a piece of wrapping paper that was so beautiful and it was paper my husband wrapped a gift for me on our first anniversary. Your wall looks pretty Kathleen!

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