Burlap Stocking. Take 2

I was a little more than slightly obsessed with making this burlap stocking last night.  I just knew I could do it. So using this tutorial,  I mentioned yesterday, took it step by step and finally finished it just now.  I was very excited about how it turned out, and had to share it.
 I decided to go with a different color thread, so it would go with the trim.
My daughters name will either be stitched on, or glue with glitter
 See, this is the difference when I really put my mind to something.
                         Before                                                                                                 After

This was my first experience with pleats, it took a few tries but I finally got it!
I'm so pleased, much better the second time around.  Click here for my first attempt.
I always thought this sewing stuff looked so difficult, but with a little (or a lot) of patience one can sew almost anything!
I will continue trying new projects, I appreciate your support on this new endeavor I'm taking on.  I hope you have been inspired to try something new as well.
The high here has been hanging around 40 all week, so there has been little motivation to get out on my driveway and work on any furniture.  So I've had to release my creativity in other ways...


  1. Wow.....you are not playin' around! That is very impressive.

  2. Pleats? That's advanced stuff! You're really determined. Good for you...your stocking looks great!!! Keep up the good work, and keep posting pictures. : )

  3. Take two is a keeper! Fabulous job. I love the ruffle and the gorgesou trim. It adds such a great touch!

  4. you did it, you did it, you did it, hooray!
    hope you get my dora reference... ;)
    it looks adorable, kathleen!

  5. I sew. A lot. I make all my girls' clothes and tons of stuff for my house. I have a new feature on my blog called Needle and Thread Thursday. I'm sharing my favorite patterns and fabrics....also giving my favorite sources and having giveaways... Go check it out... Tomorrow is a very twirly skirt... :) Sewing rocks.

  6. SOO cute!!!!! Thanks so much for linking up to gettin' crafty on hump day!!!!!!

  7. Looks super! I'll admit it, I did chuckle a tiny bit when I saw the two side by side. :) The second one is amazing! Very impressive!!!

  8. I've awarded you with "The Stylish Blogger Award" over on my blog! Head over to check it out. www.thehouseofhealy.blogspot.com

    Hope you love!


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