Inspired By Fall

As I said before, I've been going through a little dry spell with finding furniture to re-do.  But Monday I picked up  this awesome dresser, and a project was in the works.  Lately I've been inspired by the beautiful tree leaves changing all around me.
The bright yellows, and reds.  I just felt like these colors were calling me somehow.
Like I've said before, my inspiration comes from all over.  Nature is a great place to find colors that go together, for a room, piece of furniture even an outfit.  Look how wonderful the bright blue sky and the bold yellow compliment each other.
So I picked up some paint colors and well.... you will just have to tune in tomorrow for the outcome of my new dresser!
By the way have you ever gone looking for a color and just happen to find it on sale in the mis-tint section!
I just love when that happens :)


  1. Cant wait to see it! AND, I can't wait to meet you Sat!

    ~ Kristi

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love the colors of the leaves! Can't wait to see your dresser.


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