Helpful tip: Keeping hardware organized

I'm so close to being finished with my large dresser.  In the mean time I would like to show you a helpful tip I learned.  One of the reasons this piece was so difficult, was because I took all the hardware off and just threw it in a bag.  Then when it was time to put everything back on, I was unable to find which screw/hinge went where.  There were different sizes that fit in certain places.  I didn't realize that until I had lost all hope at ever getting it back the way it was.  So I vowed to myself to never to let that happen again.
So I came up with my own system.
When I take off a hinge, I label it with a number and put the corresponding screws wrapped in tape and label it with the same number.  Then I label the place where the hinge goes on the piece.
Like so...
This way, when it's time to put them all back on I know exactly where each one originally was. Because sometimes you have different shaped screws, and this helpful tip will eliminate the frustration of figuring out where each one goes.

On another note, look what I just found this morning in my neighbors trash!
 I love the shape of the frame, not sure what I will do with it yet.  But some spray paint may be in order :)


  1. I never fail to be shocked at what people want to throw away! That mirror's fabulous!

  2. My husband & I have thrown up our hands at the end of a project for the very same reason! I've learned to do labeling with drawers, but what a great idea to do it with hardware also. I, too, am a baggie girl but this is SO much better. Thanks for the tip!

  3. GREAT idea!

    And that mirror???? Omaga....that would be awesome over a mantle. Lucky you!

  4. Thank you for sharing that hardware tip! I spent over an hour tyring to get one hinge back together last week and was about to give up. Great tip! What a find the mirror was. Yes, perfect over a mantle or above a dresser.

  5. I can't believe your neighbors were trying to trash that mirror! It is already pretty, but a little spray paint will make it even more fabulous.

    I love your blog. I'm following. :)

  6. I love the mirror! Can't wait to see what you'll do with it! And as one of your neighbors I can definitely say that the mirror was NOT in MY trash. =oP


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